Louis N. Milstein, J.D., Ph. D.

 Areas of Practice

BANKRUPTCY: A complete review of your personal financial situation is mandatory to determine if

  1. Pre-petition planning is necessary BEFORE you file for bankruptcy to optimize your financial situation and
  2. To determine what type of bankruptcy (i.e. Chapter 7 or chapter 13) is right for you.

We have the flexibility to file IMMEDIATELY if your situation calls for it and/or work out a payment plan that fits your needs.

PERSONAL INJURY: Personal injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis (i.e. the client pays nothing initially. The attorney gets paid based upon a percentage of the settlement/award.) If there is no recovery, there is no fee). Some attorneys ask clients for investigative fees/costs upfront. That will NEVER happen when dealing with attorney Milstein.

Also, dealing with giant insurance companies can be difficult and frustrating. We have had great success in receiving settlements/awards for clients who were initially "stonewalled" when they tried to handle their claim on their own. Sad, but true, insurance companies will only pay what they feel they are forced to pay, NOT what you are entitled to and the only way to force them to do that is have a law firm with the legal power (and the "war chest") to prosecute your claim! (See success stories).

CRIMINAL LAW: There are both psychological as well as legal issues that are involved during this emotionally challenging time in your life. Making sure you are represented with both your legal rights as well as your emotional needs is of utmost importance. In the initial interview we will not only gather the information we need as to your case, but try get an understanding of your personal needs during this trying time in your life.

WORKER'S COMPENSATION: Worker's Compensation cases are based upon a state-regulated, contingency-fee basis (i.e., the attorney receives a percentage fee of the settlement/award. If there is NO recovery, there is No fee.) There are four issues in Worker's Compensation cases: 1) Permanent Disability, 2) Temporary Disability, 3) Vocational Rehabilitation, and 4) Medical Bills (including future medical bills). ALL aspects of your particular case will be thoroughly reviewed to ensure that you will receive the optimum benefits/recovery allowed by law.


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